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Kaleah Nicole, Los Angeles Brand Photoshoot For A Mindset Coach

Kaleah Nicole is a Success and Mindset Coach She helps others transition from being overwhelmed, stagnant, and uncertain, to discovering their true brilliance, purpose, dream life, and professional fulfillment. Kaleah provides unwavering coaching, expertise, support, and guidance as her clients forge their unique paths toward making a purposeful difference in their lives. 

Through working with her own life coach Kaleah has been able to ‘level up’ every single aspect of her life. Kaleah is obsessed with the idea that she has the power to create her dream life and is thrilled to let you know that you do, too!

Kaleah holds several professional coaching certifications and has completed numerous intensive workshops and training programs. She commits her life to helping others by identifying perceived obstacles, setting goals, and helping clients live their true purpose. She uses a conscious creation life coaching method. This advanced life coaching philosophy enables clients to achieve their goals faster, easier, and far better than ever before possible. 

Conscious Creation Life Coaching enables clients to achieve extraordinary success in the following areas of their lives:

  1. Dream career fulfillment
  2. Growing your business with love
  3. Figuring out your life purpose
  4. Improving your relationships with loved ones
  5. Leaders/Managers improving relationships with employees
  6. Exploring your limitless potential
  7. Finding yourself
  8. Learning how to deal with loved ones
  9. Building confidence
  10. Attracting love and a positive environment
  11. Any deep desire

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