We help coaches, consultants + high trust professionals with beautiful brand photos and video to grow their impact + business online. 

Los Angeles Personal Brand Photography & Video

become the brand you always dreamed of

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LA & OC Brand Photographer 

Los Angeles Personal Brand Photography + Videography

become the brand you always dreamed of

A photographer and business strategist who empowers women entrepreneurs with beautiful branded images and marketing strategies that sell. 

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more about brittney

LA & OC Brand Photographer 

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Discover what it feels like to show up, stand out, and have the confidence to grow your business online with transformational personal brand photography. 

You’re ready to launch a new program, but have no content to match your amazing 4 or 5 figure offer.

You’re ready to raise your prices, but you know you need show stopping marketing to show your clients what their transformation looks like when they invest with you.

You need content to show up consistently, but let’s face it, creating content is not your strong suit and you need time to network, make sales and spend time with your loved ones.

Investing in your personal brand will give you the confidence to sell your offers with ease.

You’ll be able to spend more time doing the things you love rather than creating for hours and seeing little results, or worse, burnout.

You’ll be able to raise your prices with confidence and get your time back to scale your business to new levels.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself & your business to get to the next level, then you're in the right place. 

You’re here because you need to elevate your brand image and need a professional who understands strategic marketing that will attract your ideal client.

Let us guess...

We are passionate about helping women market their businesses ethically through visual content and online marketing strategies. When you invest in a great team like us your confidence and sales are proven to increase significantly! 


Every Woman Deserves
The Business They Dream Of

Our team is here to help empower you to believe that you deserve to have a thriving business! It’s scary to level-up, but it’s even scarier when we don’t go all in, only asking ourselves in the end: what if I gave it my all?

We believe in making investments in yourself and your business, even when it feels uncomfortable, because in your discomfort lies greatness waiting to be unstoppable. 

Every Woman Deserves
The Business They Dream Of

Recent client wins

Heathir booked 3 new clients in less than 3 weeks of implementing her photos and marketing strategy. She received more than ¾ of her investment back in 3 weeks. 

Madison booked 6 discovery calls in one week from Instagram after using her new brand images. Her words: "My brand images gave me more confidence to sell my services."

Kaleah booked 4 new high ticket clients in less than 10 weeks after implementing her brand photos and social media sales strategy. 

Business Coach 

Intuitive Healer/Reiki

Web Designer

what our clients Are Saying about their experience

Brittney made me feel that I am worth the investment and what I was doing in the world is worth the investment too. I learned to really put my why at the center of what we are doing. There were so many outcomes that were amazing. Seeing all the different ways I could use this photos in marketing and in social media. I ended up working with my team to do months worth of social media and feel completely amazing about where things are headed.


My favorite part was having a fun day being myself, drinking champagne, listening to music and of course hanging out with Brittney. 

- Sarina

What my clients Are Saying

I can't wait to do it again!

It came with so much more value than just the photos. It brought about my confidence. It brought about growth for my business which in effect really covered the cost of the whole investment. The value I got from this at hand was to be able to create my flyers to be able to promote my events that really represented who I was and also what my message was. It allowed me to create more events and therefore bring in the clients

- dinuka ranasinghe

What my clients Are Saying

What my clients Are Saying

She went above and beyond to deliver a fun, 



- Lauren

What my clients Are Saying

- Jenny

until I came across hers. I am already looking forward to our next shoot!


I looked through dozens of profiles

the bjean Photo experience

Tell Me About You

Step 1

Planning Session

Step 2

Photo Shoot!

Step 3

After booking your discovery call, we’ll meet via video and we will get to learn more about your story, business, brand messaging, goals and where you stand on developing a cohesive brand to make more money.

We’ll get started with our brand strategy session, where I help you get clear on your brand messaging, story, your ideal client, how to attract them, and how to speak and relate to them through captivating and engaging marketing.

Your Brand Session is HERE! We’ll bring some bubbly or coffee (on ME!), your favorite playlist, props from our in-house collection, and an organized timeline that will ensure we tell your brand story perfectly to help you generate more leads online. 

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