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Kaleah Nicole, Los Angeles Brand Photoshoot For A Spiritual And Mindset Coach

Kaleah Nicole is a creative and introspective thinker. She feels like all her life has been on a journey of self-discovery. Growing up in the small military community of Fayetteville, NC, She was a girl with big dreams and a hunger for more opportunity. After high school, She joined the United States Army where her path of self-discovery deepened. She deployed twice and served over the next seven years as a human resource professional (HR); obtaining two degrees along the way. Following her transition out of the military, She moved to Los Angeles, CA. 

She is a Spiritual and Mindset Coach. She specializes in assisting women and girls to break up with their limitations by turning their “I wish” into “I am.” She helps women unlearn, reparent their inner child, and reprogram their subconscious so they can show up as their most authentic self. She offers empowering one on one coaching, group programs, and workshops.

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