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Brittney Jean

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Hey There!

I'm Brittney

Hey There!

In 2017, I was let go of my tech sales job. This path led me to pick up a camera again, this time to pursue photography professionally. I wanted to turn a hobby into a business so that I never had to count on a job. I realized that I wasn't good at being an employee, but rather a creator of my own destiny. 

I went back to work as a recruiter, while I built my photography business. I worked 50+ hours a week in a fast paced, cut throat environment with a toxic boss, all while building my business on the weekends. One day, I came home crying after work, and said to my husband, "I didn't get married to the love of my life to spend most of my life with people who treat me poorly." 

From that moment, I knew I wanted more for my life. I wanted to actually enjoy it and be with the people I love. So I slowly built a brand, marketed my business and transformed from a hobbyist photographer to a successful entrepreneur.

In 2020, I left my secure job and became my own Boss. I went out on a limb and believed that if I could be successful in the middle of a pandemic, I'd be able to not only survive anything, but thrive. Now, my husband and I run our businesses out of our home, we get to see each other all throughout the day, vacation when we want and donate our time to causes that matter to us. 

I have a B.A. in Communication and a background in career coaching and corporate sales and marketing. As a proven Top Sales Performer in Fortune 100 organizations, I have taken my knowledge to help women like you master marketing yourself and your business to build trust with your ideal clients, make a difference in others lives, and live your most desired lifestyle. 

fun facts about me!

Wife to Andrew (a real life saint)
Dear John is my favorite fiction book
Clueless is one of my favorite movies 
I love a glass of pinot noir 
I lift heavy weights 
2000's R&B all day
Collegiate Softball Player 
Oat Milk Latte Lover 

I slowly built a brand, marketed my business and transformed from a hobbyist photographer to a successful entrepreneur

I'm Brittney


1: If I could eat one food for the rest of my life it would be:

Mexican Food!

2: On my days off, I like to:

Go on a day trip with my hubby

3: My best title is:

a. Girl boss
b. Branding photographer
c. Motivational speaker
d. Professional TikToker 
e. Other: 


4: My go-to outfit is:

a. T-shirt and leggings
b. A dress and sandals
c. Jeans and a t-shirt
d. Ballgown 

1: If I could eat one food for            the rest of my life it would be:

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