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I Invested $15k In My Business & Grew 386.9% In One Year!

They usually gasp and follow-up with, “You invested how much?” Yup, I invested $15k in myself and my business. 

In July of 2020, I joined my husband in a virtual Tony Robbins event called Unleash The Power Within (UPW). 

This event was scheduled in March in San Jose which I had turned down my husband to go with because I wanted to save my PTO for vacation… (I know you can relate)! I also made a bunch of other excuses from the things I had heard about Tony and was skeptical. Luckily, for me the event was canceled. 

& no Tony is NOT my guru! LOL. 

During the event, I had some amazing breakthroughs from the limiting beliefs I had been carrying with me. 

The fear of not being good enough.

The fear of failure and disappointing myself and others. 

The fear of losing money. 

& the blame I put on others for my pain. 

Can you relate?

Then when they marketed their Mastery University program totaling $15,000 I was like “ummmm wow, ok.” “This is a lot of money, but I’ve gotten so much value already from UPW. How can I invest this money and get it back?” 

Hear that again?

I didn’t say, 

What if this doesn’t work?

What if I go into debt?

What if I fail?

I instead shifted my thoughts to how can I use this to help me grow in areas I know I need help in?

So we put $15k on our credit card (for the points). 

We paid it off right away with our savings! 

Mind you, we had just bought a house and put 5% down over $27k! Let’s not talk about how much it costs fo fill a 4 bedroom 4 bathroom home in Los Angeles. 

We didn’t have roommates at the time, who now pay more than half of our $3k mortgage. Because, I’m all about strategic money moves to get me where I want to go faster, for a little sacrifice.

In March 2021, I went to the Business Mastery program that cost 10k alone. WOW! 

After the seminar and implementing the mindset framework and strategies I learned and some I already knew from my time in sales and marketing, I made $5,151.97

& in April, I made $9,904.17 just short of my $10k month goal. 

Why am I sharing this with you because I made $15,056.14 in two months! 

I made double my investment in just two months and I didn’t even spend $15k. My husband and I were able to attend all of the events when it’s usually $15k per person because the events were virtual, we got to split it! 

But here’s why I succeeded, I told myself I would! 

I also, 

Got clear on my social media strategy. 

Raised my prices.

Worked on my brand and messaging.

Added more value to my clients for free!

And freaking hustled! I executed! 

I would be remiss if, I didn’t share that I’ve invested $10k more into my business through investing in equipment, education, coaching and ways to enhance my client experience. The investing never stops if you want to grow!

Now, as I enter the 4th quarter of the year, my business has grown 386.9%. You do the math!

I’m sharing all of my knowledge and strategies with you for much less than $15k with my brand and social media strategy calls and templates. 

& the best part is you get amazing transformational visual marketing! 

This program does not exist anywhere! But it’s been the principles and strategies I’ve taught some of my clients that have helped them get back their investment when they took action and implemented what I’ve taught them! 

So, if you have been on the fence of whether or not this program is for you, I hope this gave you encouragement and reassurance that this is exactly what you need to take your mindset and business to the next level! 

You get a year to spend with me! More than just your Photographer, but your Brand, Sales & Social Media Expert! Someone who is crushing it and wants to help you do the same! Because we are who we spend our time with! Your peers really do matter! 

To be considered for The Show Up Membership, please click this link here to learn more.

If you found this helpful or would like to learn more about my experience with Tony Robbins seminars, please send me message or comment your insights below!

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