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Madison Rolley, Los Angeles Brand Photoshoot For The Founder Of Rolley Digital

Madison Rolley made the decision to step away from her career in marketing software to pursue her passion for helping businesses grow in a digital world by founding Rolley Digital. 

Her passion for digital marketing began in 2011 through helping her family open their candy store in Flagstaff, Arizona. She started their first social channels, created the first version of their website, and has consulted on marketing decisions to this day. 

Since she has gone on to help multitudes of other businesses and organizations create their digital presence ensuring that their unique brand and vision remained intact.  

Rolley Digital provides digital marketing services specializing in Social Media Strategy and Web design for small businesses, startups, and solopreneurs. Their goal is to help their clients further their visibility and brand awareness through various marketing channels. We find so much joy in bringing our clients brands to life online.

As a small boutique marketing agency, you get hands-on VIP treatment that you can’t find at large firms. They thrive on collaboration and want to make the vision they see for their client’s brand come to life. They believe that an authentic and organic approach to marketing is the key to success and they do that with their internal team to ensure the quality that you want and should expect from your marketing partners.

Madison knew from her experience in marketing that having clean and crisp imagery can seriously make or break your marketing and sales materials. Having branded imagery is a must for establishing credibility and increasing sales. She knew growing her brand would be much more difficult without her branding being completely flushed out.

The images she received were exactly what she saw for her brand, clean, crisp, professional but showed off the authenticity and approachability of her brand. They have already started to use their images on social media and plan to use them across their website and product launches.

Madison always knew opening Rolley Digital was her endgame. What held her back? The preconceived notion that she had to spend a certain amount of time in a corporate job and the fear of failure. Neither of these excuses was valid or helpful for her in pursuing what she wanted out of her career and life.

This was a reality Brittney and Madison both shared as young female entrepreneurs, and what connected Madison to Brittney so much as the best person to help her bring her brand to life. It is amazing how much your imagery can elevate your brand and credibility, just look at a few they captured for her business together.

In her coaching session, she realized that the impostor syndrome she struggled with as a young female business owner was actually affecting the energy behind the visual elements of her brand. Through their coaching call, Madison learned that being a young female CEO was not a hindrance, but an asset that should be celebrated and incorporated into her branding. 

Interested in seeing if Rolley Digital is the right fit for your business? Visit Rolley Digital website.

  1. Lily says:

    Madison is the best person to have in your life. Not only as a friend, but also as someone to help your brand’s vision come to life. I couldn’t imagine my life without her because every time we talk I leave the conversation more confident in myself, more motivated, and more excited for what’s next. Cheers to you, Madison!!

  2. I absolutely love these photos. It definitely seems as though you are more than just a photographer which is important with storytelling.

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