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Madison Rolley, Los Angeles Brand Photoshoot For Digital Nomad Coach

Madison Rolley is a Digital Nomad Coach based in Los Angeles, her one true love is travel. It was during her stir-crazy time in quarantine that she would daydream about being location independent and working all over the world. 

She made a step towards a dream by joining a remote company and not resigning on a lease. She then went on to start her own company at the age of 23 to further my freedom travel life.

Her mission is to help others explore the parts of the world they’ve only dreamed about seeing and to help people realize that you can go everywhere you have always wanted to go and live a life of location independence.

 Madison wants to empower free spirits to travel as frequently as they’d like within their means and desired lifestyle. 

If you are looking to confidently embrace the life of solo travel you’ve always dreamed of, connect with Madison Rolley.

  1. Lily says:

    Madison is the best person to have in your life. Not only as a friend, but also as someone to help your brand’s vision come to life. I couldn’t imagine my life without her because every time we talk I leave the conversation more confident in myself, more motivated, and more excited for what’s next. Cheers to you, Madison!!

  2. I absolutely love these photos. It definitely seems as though you are more than just a photographer which is important with storytelling.

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