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Roxanne Wilson, Reality TV, Law & Network Marketing Coach Shares Her Journey to Business Success

Do you remember the moment you decided to go all in your business? For Roxanne, it took a crowd of motorcycle groups protesting about something they were passionate about outside of her high-rise corporate law building.

Roxanne was a lawyer who decided she didn’t want to practice law. And so like any good lawyer who says “I need to get out,” She got out by way of being on a reality show. She was on the fifth season of the Apprentice, got fired on national TV after making the final four, and then went on to write a book about her experience with business and faith.

We all have these moments where we’re being told, whether it’s your gut or some other part of you is saying, it’s time to exit what you do. And I feel like you have a choice at that moment. You can either listen to that or you can ignore it.

“Once you realize it, open your eyes, see your exit strategy, notice when your parachute comes, or the new road, you have to realize the moment that is your ticket out of where you don’t want to be anymore.” -Roxanne

Listen in on our podcast on Spotify or Apple or watch our segment on Youtube where Roxanne shares her journey of becoming a six-figure entrepreneur and how her background prepared her to become a successful business owner.


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