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My Top 5 Secrets To Six Figures!

Did you know that in 2020, I was still working my day job while doing photography on the side? 

I went from being unfulfilled and one foot out of the door at my 9-5, only making 27k in my photography business to quitting my 9-5 in October of 2020, pivoting fully into serving women entrepreneurs only and making over $100,000 in revenue in 2021. 

My growth astonishes me! Sometimes, I don’t even know how I did it! It was hard, there are long days and pressure. But, if I can reflect back on these past months, I’ve narrowed it down to 5 of my top secrets to my success and how you can have exactly that success or even more in your business by implementing these things into your life and business.

My Top 5 Secrets To Hitting $100k+ in one year!

1. Investing in Personal Development & A Coach

I know you hear me talk about this a lot. But, to be honest, before I invested in my personal development, I was only tapping 20% of my potential. Now, I feel like I’m tapping 40% of my potential. I know, I still have so much more room for growth. Investing in seminars and coaching has opened my mind to experiencing growth and showing me that I can have everything I desire in this life with a growth mindset. 

2. Outsourcing Personal & Business Tasks

I pretty much outsource so much of my personal life and business. Although I made over $100,000 in my business, best believe I ain’t taking all of that home. I’ve used this revenue to hire a Bookkeeper, a Virtual Assistant, a CPA, Branding, and Marketing to help me grow. On the personal side, I now have a meal plan service delivered every week, saving me time so I don’t have to cook. I order my groceries online and have it delivered to my doorstep and I hired a cleaning company to come to my home once a month. 

All of these tasks I have outsourced saved me so much time and have allowed for me to focus on revenue generating tasks. Time is a huge currency we often overlook as business owners. I began valuing more of my time this year and it has helped me see what I could let go of, allowing me to grow tremendously! 

3. Cultivating a Community On Social Media

Ahh my biggest success and revenue generator is Instagram. I’ve put so much time into growing my community, serving my community and connecting on a personal level with my audience. This is why I have received over 60 leads on Instagram alone this year. I did not focus on selling, selling, selling. I focused on fostering a community with real relationships and it has paid off.

4. Strengthening My Marketing & Sales Process

As a former top sales performer in corporate America, I had the experience in how to market my personal brand and close a sale, but I also knew I needed to refine my approach constantly to get the results I wanted. Generating over 60 leads on IG is one thing, but having a 70% sales success rate is AMAZING! 

5. Taking Action Through Fear

I’m human too! I still have those very real moments of what will people think of me if I launch this service and fail? What will people think of me if I share this personal story or if I lose money…

They say that courage is not taking action without fear. It’s having fear and taking action anyway. 

Every time I was faced with a new challenge to grow this year, I acknowledged the fear and decided to tell myself fear meant I was growing and I needed to do the thing that scared me. This helped push me into launching a $30k+ launch day and raising my prices because of the confidence I had in the value I was providing and results I was getting for my clients. Fear was my greatest successor this year!

Was this helpful? I’d love to know which one you have implemented that has been life-changing or which of these you’ll implement in your business this 2023. 

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