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Thelá Thatch, Los Angeles Brand Photoshoot For HR & Equity Strategist

Thelá’s mission is to empower leaders and professionals to be successful in supporting their organizations to promote policies and practices that are essential to a positive workplace, namely: sustainability, inclusion, and diversity.

With over twenty years of human resources experience, Dr. Thelá Thatch provides change management experience that has been successfully implemented across various industries. Dr. Thelá Thatch has worked with Fortune 500 companies to recruit and retain top talent, implement impactful diversity & inclusion strategies, and move past the surface conversations to mobilize into action quickly.

Dr. Thelá Thatch equips organizations with the necessary tools to reach the next level by bridging gaps in human resources best practices. We also tackle the gaps in hiring and retention that exist in organizations by diversifying your pipeline and engaging professionals as the high-performers they are.

Dr. Thelá Thatch attends to the business needs and grows with the business. We do not offer one-size-fits-all services and instead focus on co-collaboration to reach solutions that are customized to suit your needs in each phase of development.

Dr. Thelá Thatch believes that investment in human capital is the foundation for a successful business. The success of the human resources function involves a deliberate focus on staffing, employee compensation, benefits, and defining expectations in the workplace.

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