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Tamyra Gordon, Los Angeles Brand Photoshoot For Blavity.Org Executive Director

Tamyra Gordon is the Executive Director of Blavity.Org. As a non-profit executive, she has unapologetically created, fought, disrupted, and interrupted practices for the sake of social justice. 

1. Tell us a little more about your business and what you do. 

I get to serve the world through various lenses – as a business owner of Greenwood Seneca, a non-profit executive with Blavityorg, and a mom and wife of Black males. The mission of my work is to preserve Blackness where it’s a risk of being forsaken. We invite businesses, corporations, funding agencies, and entrepreneurs to think differently about their path to holistic wealth while preserving Blackness in the process. 

2. What makes you stand out from your competition? (Think your uniqueness/specialization/strategy/personality)

I want to be a good model for how our people can work together. I want to use history to propel us forward and I want us to be able to navigate the challenges and barriers to our collaboration in productive ways for all of us. Society hasn’t made picking or choosing Black easy – but as a mom, consumers, entrepreneurs, and job creators we’ve found it is possible and uniquely fulfilling. 

3. Why did you decide to do a branding session?

It’s been hard to bridge my identities and make it make sense for those I want to be in service of. I support Black businesses across all I do – I have expertise that can help businesses stay aligned to their why and their Blackness and I have a desire to support the preservation of Black origins – I wanted a chance to make it all make sense in a consumable way. 

4. What kind of images were you hoping to receive and how were you planning to use them?

I wanted images that looked at me – on my most regular and normal days. Moments of my real life and real objects were captured. So much of who I am aiming to be a stage for others and it was important that people could both see me AND see the shoulders I stand on. 

5. What was your favorite part of your branding session?

Having my team there with me in the background. Britney created space for people who love and edify me to participate in the process and it would not have been the same without them there. I also appreciated Britney’s desire to ensure we got the shot I prioritized in our planning. 

6. How did Brand Coaching help you get clear on your business goals? 

Coaching helped reconnect me to the what, the work. It’s hard to see myself as a business but coaching helped me realize the options of tools I have to be in service of others. 

7. Would you recommend a branding session for other small businesses? 

Yes – I think it’s beneficial to know what your plan will be for the photos and have either a team or an outline to plug them into. It was a fun and special experience and I would encourage others to do it and plan for what’s next. 

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