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How To Tell If You Are Creatively Avoiding In Your Business?

Do you find yourself avoiding taking action on the things in your business that you subconsciously know will help you grow?

What is creative avoidance? “It’s when you find every possible way/reason to stop yourself from taking action. The subconscious goal of creative avoidance is to protect yourself from danger. But ironically, many times you are not protecting yourself, but rather stopping yourself from progress, growth and new wins.”

Can I be honest with you? 

Even though I have a true gift for marketing myself and my services, I sometimes have weeks where I avoid marketing my business.

You’re probably thinking, “What, no way Brittney! I always see you showing up and marketing your business.” 

The truth is, I have days when I don’t feel like showing up. I have days where I don’t send that email, or I don’t follow up with that lead the day I said I would, or I don’t create new written content when I put it in my calendar twice in one week… Can you relate?

But to be honest with you, I believe I can sometimes afford those days. Why? Because I have invested in visual marketing content and written content for my business and have trained my staff to repurpose my educational and inspirational content that continues to push our mission and sales forward using social media as a primary lead generation. 

All my team has to do is choose from the countless photo and video content, find older posts and Wallahhh I don’t have to worry about showing up on the days I just want to avoid it, but my business and my brand can continue to grow. 

Do you find yourself avoiding marketing your business online (social media, email list, online groups, etc) and want to stop the intentional avoiding? 

If you find yourself creatively avoiding the things you know can propel your business forward I have a simple way to help move you from inaction into action now that you are self-aware. 

Ask yourself these questions and write out your answers to each question: 

  1. What am I avoiding doing/taking action on in my business that can help free up time, innovate, and or make me more money?
  2. Why am I resisting taking action/avoiding? Is it fear? What is that fear? What would happen if the fear/the outcome I fear didn’t happen?
  3. What are three things that I need right now that can help me free up time, innovate my business and make more money?
  4. What is one thing I can do right now to take action and move closer to hitting my end of the year goals?

It’s in the questions we ask ourselves that we find the answers we’ve needed to create momentum and success. 

If you’ve been wanting to save time creating photo or video content or wanting to begin marketing your business and brand on social media more to gain more visibility, leads, and sales from your dream clients, click the link here to schedule a consultation with my team and I.

We are personal brand photographers and videographers who travel worldwide. As always you can come to us in Sunny Southern California. 

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