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Mary Hodges, Los Angeles Brand Photoshoot For The NewWave Law CEO

Mary Hodges is the owner of NewWave Law, a Firm for Women-led Tech Startups.

As an entrepreneur herself, she knows firsthand what it’s like to run a business. This gives her a unique perspective that allows her to relate with her clients and have intimate knowledge of their legal needs. 

Mary prides herself on being an unconventional lawyer. She offers small business owners a variety of ways to get the help they need. 

NewWave Law is a full-service law firm for small businesses. Whether you need assistance with entity formation, drafting agreements, creating and implementing compliance policies, or ongoing advice, their goal is to give you peace of mind so you can reach your business goals.

NewWave Law helps women founders set up and scale investment-ready tech startups so they can become the new wave of change-makers and we can close the gender investment gap!

NewWave Law helps their clients :
– Set up their startup + stock plan so they have the right legal structure to grow and build a team

– Issue equity and stock options to incentivize their workforce to reach the company’s goals

– Set up their advisory board so their mentors can give industry advice + make key introductions 

– Manage their cap table so there’s a clear picture of who owns what

– Maintain their data room so all their important paperwork is organized and easy to find for the investor’s due diligence 

– Close early-stage investment deals so they can get the funds they need to make waves 

Everything they do for their clients they do with an eye towards helping them get angel and venture funding.

What makes them unique is that they provide more than just legal services. They also help their clients think like a founder of multi-million dollar or billion-dollar businesses. They help them understand how the decisions they make now impact where their business could be in 3-5 years. 

And since their mission is to close the gender investment gap, they pull out all the stops to put their clients in a position to get funded.   

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