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Chrysta Wilson, Los Angeles Brand Photoshoot For A Coach

Chrysta Wilson is the Founder of Wilson and Associates Coaching and Consulting. A Black-owned, Woman-led firm that partners with dynamic purpose-driven people and organizations that want to create racial equity and social change.

Chrysta has served as a coach, evaluator, community builder, strategist, storyteller, and facilitator to help those committed to changing the world do so more effectively. She loves helping others plan for results, design strategies, evaluate their impact, tell their stories, and ultimately co-create the world we want to live in.

Chrysta Wilson has spent the last 22 years supporting efforts that advance equity and justice in communities across the United States.

She uses a multi-modal approach to disrupt the ‘isms that are experienced in the workplace and create a more supportive, inclusive, and equitable organization.  Those approaches include transformative coaching, storytelling, research-based training, culture reform, leadership development, and structural change.

Wilson & Associates Consulting works with a diverse group of consultants and coaches throughout the country.  Teams are always built to meet the specific needs of each individual client.

Their greatest aspiration is to work in solidarity with their partners so that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their highest potential, no matter their income, immigration status, gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, country of origin, or zip code.

Chrysta is committed to supporting people, organizations, and institutions in their transformations so they are better positioned to accomplish their vision connected to equity, liberation, and justice.

Chrysta loves helping people connect to their purpose, maximize their impact, minimize burnout, and find joy and hope along the road toward justice.  Through coaching she creates supportive and reflective spaces where humanity is nurtured, imagination is sparked, dreams are born, and recipes for individual and organizational transformation are developed.

She is a published author, avid cook and baker, and scuba diver temporarily out of the ocean.

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