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Heathir Brown, Los Angeles Brand Photoshoot For A Reiki Therapist

Heathir easily senses the emotions and pain in others along with the root issue causing it so that she can lead her clients on a path to healing.   As a child, this kinesthetic empathy was overwhelming, but she has learned tools and methods to turn that sensation up or down and remain wholly grounded when working with her clients.  The wisdom that comes through her from the client’s body is valuable and helps to lead each healing and coaching session.  

Heathir expanded her knowledge and skills beyond an intuitive level by studying with the Upledger Institute, Meditate School of Mindfulness and Sound, Birth Arts International, and many other courses. For a complete list, see the accordion further down on this page. 

Heathir brings powerful transformation through unique healing and coaching services that meet your personal needs.

Her clients often have had doctors who told them “nothing is wrong” or simply treated the symptoms ignoring the cause. Instead, Heathir helps her clients uncover the root issue and facilitate transformational healing, so they are no longer bothered by the condition they come in with.

When you work with Heathir, She listens to you and your body’s inner wisdom, so you both can understand what is REALLY going on. This holistic approach allows for healing on a deep level beyond how profound or ancient the wound might be.

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