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Diana Pointer, Los Angeles Brand Photoshoot For Pointer Organizing, LLC Founder

Diana Pointer, helps business coaches & consultants plan amazing meetings & events. As the Owner of Pointer Organizing LLC, Diana Pointer Events provides business owners and entrepreneurs with meeting & event planning solutions to free up their time to conduct effective meetings, showcase services, and celebrate events.

Diana’s initial interest in events started with her participation in numerous church functions, where she helped to coordinate weddings, musical concerts, and community meetings. Her entrepreneurial journey started in 2015 while working toward the end of her career as a government senior administrative analyst.

After a full career facilitating large contracts, managing a billion-dollar budget, leading top-notch team members, and conducting and participating in numerous business meetings, Diana decided to hone these skills and knowledge base into her passion for working directly with speakers and business coaches in need of assistance with their event planning needs.

In essence, her superpowers are ensuring successful meetings and events occur through problem-solving, time management, knowledge management, organizing, intentional scheduling, and simplifying complex processes.

Hence, the creation of her business, Diana Pointer Events, to help guide speakers and business coaches by taking their meeting & event planning to the next level with expert confidence.

You’ll find resources for event-focused productivity tips to better your business through her company and on her website.

Sometimes, speakers and business coaches try to do all the event planning work by themselves. So Diana is here to give you real talk plus sound and practical steps to get you moving toward successful events.

Her expertise includes Corporate Meeting and Event Planning, Facility Management, Vendor Management, and Operating Procedures, Scaling Contracts, Budgets, and Administrative Procedures, Project Management and Scheduling, and Volunteer Coordination.

Contact Diana Pointer about your meeting & event planning challenges and how she can help you meet your goals!

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