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Roxanne Wilson, Los Angeles Brand Photoshoot For A Social Media Coach

Roxanne Wilson is a coach dedicated to guiding network marketers through the ever-changing social media world.

But she didn’t start there! Roxanne’s highlight reel includes: television host, radio personality, fitness professional, appellate attorney, author, social media consultant, well-traveled speaker, and reality show Survivor (season five contestant of NBC’s The Apprentice.)

Roxanne’s career began clerking for the Supreme Court of Texas. Her childhood dream was to become a United States Supreme Court, Justice. However, after practicing appellate law at a big Austin firm, Roxanne realized that her dreams had changed. She took a leap of faith and competed on the hit NBC reality TV show, The Apprentice. Roxanne was the first African-American woman to ever compete in the final four.

On the heels of The Apprentice, Roxanne authored Footprints In The Boardroom, an insider’s look at The Apprentice depicting how modern believers use their faith to overcome business challenges.

She went on to host iHeartMedia’s Family Friendly Mornings radio show in Austin, Texas before returning to television. This time, Roxanne joined the shopping network, ShopLC and quickly became the channel’s premiere host before taking on the position behind the camera as the international company’s Director of Sales and Production.

Finding network marketing, Roxanne quickly became a leader in her company and the direct sales channel as a whole, earning in the top 3% of all network marketers. It was here that she found a love for melding her passions and experience to help network marketers learn how to run their network marketing business in the modern social media world and become CEOs!

Roxanne has a Bachelors of Business Administration from Baylor University and a Law Degree from the University of Michigan Law School.

Roxanne is the host of a Top 100 Entrepreneur podcast RoxTalks, the podcast for Network Marketers, hosts a show on Facebook Live three times a week, and is a firm believer that:

You are not ahead. You are not behind. You are exactly where you are supposed to be!

In her NWM Days, Roxanne Was in The Top 3%: Finding network marketing, Roxanne quickly became a leader in her company and the direct sales channel as a whole, earning in the top 3% of all network marketers. 

AKA: She knows what she’s doing—and she’s been through ups and downs to get there, too. There were times when she felt alienated, struggled to belong and even faced some drama… but she moved through these obstacles with grace and still found her way to the top. Roxanne has been there, done that. She’s relatable and successful

Now, she has a passion for teaching NWM how to run their business using modern-day social media so they can put themselves on the same path of success. 

Made With Older Women In Mind: This isn’t just for the 20-something year old stay at home mama with 3 kids under 3, or the recently married, military/army wife with a young kiddo. This is a program with a seat at the table for mature women looking to build a business, build a network, and build their friend group. The guidance inside takes the particularities of this age bracket into consideration—they may be starting from square one with social media and their goals & priorities differ from their younger counterparts (older, retired women with grown children & free time VS young women, SAHM with toddlers and a busier schedule)

Selling With Hero Products: This is a new and different way to sell that WORKS—but no one else in NWM is teaching. And it may even seem counterintuitive. The best part about this is that it relies less on your company and more on yourself + your personality as the main selling point. 

You Are the Magic: To sell and make money, you get to lead with yourself and not your business. You’ve spent so long hiding behind your business, and this is why nothing you do works (no matter how “coachable” you are or how well you follow the directions from your upline). You are stronger, more talented, and more important than you think. You are the secret ingredient and this program will show you how to use it (even if you’re shy at first)

Why did you decide to do a branding session?

Because the RoxTalks brand was ready for a facelift. For the first two years of business, we were putting it together on our own but the brand was ready for an uplevel! We are investing in professional copy so it was time for the pictures to match. 

What kind of images were you hoping to receive and how were you planning to use them?

Ones that catch the personality of Roxanne – fun, fearless, strong, down-to-earth – The Highly Successful, Highly Relatable CEO. We are planning to use them on sales pages and for our social media.

What was your favorite part of your branding session? How did Brand Coaching help you get clear on your business goals? 

How fun it was! Roxanne got to feel like a goddess that day and show up for her brand. 

Connect with Roxanne Wilson.

  1. Kera Haugen says:

    I absolutely adore Roxanne. Like…I want her to be my BFF. 😁 But I have one already so she can be a co-BFF I like her that much. Haaaaa. She is so relatable and has such a genuine personality. I’ve delved into some of her work – her summit and podcasts and some other works I initially got to know her through, and she’s a true gem. She’s on everyone’s side to
    succeed. Thanks Rox!

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