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Nichomi Higgins, Los Angeles Brand Photoshoot For A Licensed Psychotherapist And Author

Nichomi Higgins is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Speaker, and Author of the Amazon Best Seller: Purposeful Perspectives.

She believes that when you boldly and bravely choose to live and lead with a deepened connection to your truest self, you unconsciously welcome a Divine invitation to begin a process of self-discovery that will ultimately allow you to leave a remarkable footprint on this world. But this fantastic journey must require you to shatter your perceived limitations and that’s where her team and Nichomi come in.

Nichomi and her team exist to help you live and lead a more harmonious, spiritually connected, authentic, and fulfilling life. Whether it’s writing the book, starting the business, building the non-profit, or using your voice to inspire the masses, Nichomi helps you conquer the fears that prevent you from experiencing the fullness of your Divine potential.

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