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Overcome Social Media Anxiety & Grow Your Biz!

As a Los Angeles Brand Photographer, I work with women entrepreneurs who come to me with a fear and anxiety about creating content on social media that involves having to show who they are. In order to better help those who have not had the opportunity to work with me I’ll be sharing the signs that let you know you have social media anxiety and the limiting beliefs that are currently stopping you from growing your business online and strategies you can use to overcome them and attract more leads online! 

How do you know you have “social media anxiety” aka limiting beliefs around showing up on social media to grow your business?

First sign: You second guess posting so you decide not to post at all or delete your post because you’re afraid of what people will think, you stuttered, you hated the way you sounded or didn’t like how you looked. 

Second sign: You hate the idea of selling on social media and you don’t want to feel like you’re being self-centered, sleazy or like a pushy sales person. So instead you just post here and there and rarely make new connections on social media or generate business. 

Third sign: You compare yourself to other accounts and don’t feel like you’re good enough, qualified enough or have anything of value to say or give. 

Do any of these sound like you?? Raise your hand or put I’ve been there! No need to be ashamed, ladies, I’ve been there too! 

The biggest reason we tell ourselves these limiting beliefs are because of 1. Deep rooted beliefs that were imposed on us due to influential life circumstances that became unhealthy rules in our lives (this is something I encourage you to work through with a certified NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming Life Coach).

Ultimately limiting beliefs are the fear that arises when we don’t have the right intention that helps us to be able to persevere through any obstacle we face in business. 

Without intention we have no purpose or the desire to persevere. 

Our purpose must be greater than our limiting beliefs. When we have purpose and set intentions on our goals we’re able to operate from a place of doing the uncomfortable thing such as showing up on social media to grow our business because we know our message, our work is impactful. 

Here are 3 things you can implement to get you in a peak state to feel confident and set clear intentions to drive your purpose! 

  1. Get your mind and body in a peak state through physiological movement. 
  1. Jump on a rebounder 
  2. Dance to a motivational song
  3. Say your monthly or weekly goals out loud as well as your why or purpose! 

Changing our physiology, interrupts self doubting patterns, sadness and other non-serving beliefs. 

2. Create a schedule. 

Set a social media schedule and block off time to create content for the week or the month. 

For example: Mondays are my social media content planning days and I Go Live on Mondays, Tuesday and Thursday I post videos or reels, Wednesdays and Fridays I create a static photo post. 

Investing in a brand session is very helpful in having already branded images to post so you’re not spending too much time on trying to create photo content yourself. 

3. Create content that is Purposeful. 

This is the most important thing I’ll say today. When you are creating content to benefit others you’re taking the sleazy sales out of your content and truly providing helpful content that will not only show you are an expert in your industry but give your audience confirmation in why they should hire you! You should be creating and sharing 80% valuable and beneficial content and selling 20% where you’re actually asking for a sale or calling someone into action to book with you or buy from you! 

I hope this helped eliminate some of the fear you’ve been having about posting on social media and that it’s given you a new reason and attitude to better serve the people who need you and to help grow your business online.

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