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Lauren Miura’s Website Launch

Lauren is a Career Coach based out of Los Angeles, CA and helps purpose driven professionals find careers they love so they can live a more full-filled life.

Lauren found me through a Facebook Group for Moms (isn’t the internet wonderful)? I know people hate on Facebook, but mom groups and women entrepreneur groups along with referrals have helped my business immensely. You can find me in those groups trying my best to recommend or refer someone I know and like doing business with, because I believe in trying to pay it forward as often as I can.

Lauren just started her career coaching business and she came to me because she needed professional images for her website. She wanted lifestyle but professional brand photos that showcased what it feels and looks like to work with her. We nailed it, through images of what her day to day looks like working from her beautiful home and making sure we dressed for the job we wanted, not the job we had! First impressions are everything when it comes to a photo and of course your outward appearance!

As a brand photographer, I know there are many photographers in Los Angeles you can choose to work with, but Lauren saw the essence and professionalism of my work. It’s also fun to note she saw in my About page that I loved the movie Clueless which was a selling point. Haha.

You can find out more about Lauren and the work she does, by visiting her website here. Make sure to grab her free workbook on how to gain clarity on your next career move.

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