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Grace Emmons, Los Angeles Brand Photoshoot For A Reiki Master

Grace Emmons is a Reiki Master & Transformational Coach she empowers her clients to shine as their truest & highest selves in order to manifest their most soul-nourishing fulfillment and success.

Grace support CEOs, Leaders, and Celebrities who are ready to elevate to their next level of being and to pave the way for a new era of thriving in their lives, businesses, and the world. 

Grace’s secret sauce is her own authenticity, her spiritual connection, and her love for continual learning and growth.

Starting with a Biomedical Engineering degree from USC, she co-created a successful corporate career in Pharma and Health Tech before obtaining her Masters in Psychology from Columbia and completing the highest levels of Reiki Teaching certification.  While energy work is highly intuitive and divinely inspired, her background in science and business brings a sense of balance and approachability to her unique flavor of mind-body-soul wellness. 

Grace’s gifts and her path have uniquely positioned her to coach and guide leaders at the highest levels. 

Grace decided to do a branding session because the next level of her business and offerings represent her highest evolution of self yet, the fully integrated reiki master meets businesswoman. This called for an evolution of her personal brand to capture and showcase her in all her essence and to convey what it feels like to work with Grace 1-1 and in the corporate setting. 

Grace’s new images are integral for the brand that is Grace Emmons Transformational Coaching. These images will be used for her website, social media, and marketing materials for her offerings for VIP clients and corporate clients.

“Brittney truly is so amazing and easy to work with. She set me up for success every step of the way, from planning and preparing for the shoot to ensuring we got all the looks I wanted. The shoot day was a lot more fun than I expected… which was perfect to keep me feeling (and looking) natural and authentic. 

I knew Brittney was a pro when our planning session got crystal clear on my business goals… she was ensuring this photoshoot would align and support my bigger vision. She held my vision throughout the whole process to ensure we were maximizing for what I needed.  

I would highly recommend a branding session with Brittney for anyone seeking to convey an authentic and aligned personal brand. ” – Grace Emmons

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