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Civia Caroline, Los Angeles Brand Photoshoot For An Impact Coach

Civia is a Music Industry Life & Impact Coach. Her mission is to help artists, entertainment industry professionals, and activists use their talents and their minds to create lasting, authentic impact in their lives, careers, and in the world.”

Working with artists and professionals in the music industry gave her a unique insight into the inner workings of peoples’ brains… something that’s always fascinated her. She loves reading every self-help and personal growth book she can find and nothing helped her more when it came to coaching and guiding her artist management clients. She loved her career as an artist manager and marketing professional but she started to feel as though she was meant to be doing something even greater.

In 2020, largely influenced by the upheaval brought on by a global pandemic, the fight for racial justice,  the continued rise of antisemitism, and the women’s movement, Civia discovered her true purpose. Over the years, She has worked with many therapists and coaches on her own personal growth and always had a deep understanding of how the unconscious mind influences our feelings, our actions, and ultimately how we show up in the world. When we begin to examine and uncover those unconscious thoughts and beliefs and choose what serves us and change what doesn’t… the possibilities are limitless.

She saw coaching as a powerful tool to help people in their activism, their artistry, and their lives. It was the best way to marry all of her passions for music, art, mental health & personal development, and social impact. And so, she began her journey to become a certified life coach to help people in the music industry who wants to make their biggest impact on the world.

Work with Civia Caroline and unleash your impact!

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