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Aliah Husain, A Brand Photographer And Business Strategist

Aliah is a Personal Brand Photographer based in San Francisco, California. She helps women entrepreneurs confidently tell their stories in order to elevate their brand presence and impact more lives with their purpose.

1. What makes you stand out from your competition?

My uniqueness factor lies in my process of working with my clients. I get to know them on a deeper level by unlocking their brand personalities, helping them dig deep on who their ideal audience is, and give them a strategy on how best to reach and connect with these people.

Clients choose to work with me over competition because they feel I can bring out their personalities and help them feel confident and free enough to really show up authentically.

2. Why did you decide to invest in The Confident Brand Mastermind?

I decided to invest in The Confident Brand Mastermind because I was struggling with generating leads through my content and social media strategy. I wanted to learn the in’s and out’s of not just “what to post” but WHY. I wanted to learn to best help and support my existing audience and potential new audience.

3. What were you hoping to receive and what were your results?

I was hoping to come out of the Mastermind with a brand messaging and social media strategy to reach the right audience in the right way in order to generate more leads and inquiries via Instagram. My results were instant, even before the Mastermind started. After I had my Discovery Call with Brittney, she gave me actionable steps that had me booking calls through my Instagram account right away.

About halfway through the Mastermind, I went from getting zero leads on Instagram to getting calls booked 2-4x a month through the platform.

I also saw a HUGE jump in overall engagement. For the first time ever, I was seeing 40+ saves and shares on my social media posts.I have consistent community building opportunities coming my way from my social media platforms from other vendors who serve the same audience.I was able to completely revamp my website so that it was actually converting. Now leads that are outside of social media are booking Discovery Calls through my site, as well.

4. What was your favorite part The Confident Brand Mastermind?

The most valuable part of The CBM was learning how to properly conduct market research in order to refine my brand messaging. I was able to use the techniques I learned to gain valuable insights on my ideal clients and directly target their challenges and goals through my content and copy.

I also loved the detailed breakdown on how to sell my high ticket offers in a way that has prospects READY to book their sessions before I even start selling.

5. How did Brand Coaching help you get clear on your business goals? 

Brand coaching helped me get clear on my business goals by helping me further narrow down my offering in order to perfectly tailor it to my ideal client. As a result, I have been able to have a minimum sale that is over 2x of my previous average sale prior to the Mastermind. Now I am able to clearly map out my goals and have predictable, consistent revenue.

6. Would you recommend The Confident Brand Mastermind for other small businesses? Why?

Hell Yes I would recommend The CBM to other small businesses. The investment was marginal compared to others I’ve made in my business and I’ve since then, made my money back 10x. The value I received from this Mastermind has changed the face of my business forever, and also completely rewired my mind for success.

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