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20 Reasons Why You Should Have A Micro Wedding

Have you heard? Micro Weddings are In and are Here to Stay!

It is without a doubt, that COVID-19 has shaken up and changed the wedding industry, in my opinion, forever. Now more than ever, size matters, and not because it’s safe to have a smaller wedding, but because smaller weddings have been forced upon us to show LOVE WINS no matter what size! Which means, that smaller weddings will continue to become popular for many reasons that I will list here.


    1. You will be able to celebrate your marriage with the people who really matter the most to you. Majority of couples agree that this is one of the best reasons to have a smaller wedding. Say goodbye to family drama and crazy ex’s.

    2. You will feel and be more relaxed. Only surrounding yourself with close friends and family instead of acquaintances and your parents co-worker’s, you will feel more at home with your guests. Your wedding day will feel more like a celebration with close family friends than a production/party you plan for everyone else, but you to enjoy.

    3. You will save money. This is a big one, especially if you are paying for your wedding yourself. You can save thousands of dollars by having an intimate wedding without having to fear you will go over budget. Just think about the thousands you could save to buy that house you always dreamed of, that new car, or the honeymoon in Bora Bora that cost $10,000 per person. For many couples this is the primary reason for scaling back on the guest list.

    4. You can splurge. Some guests choose a small wedding guest list so they can hire the vendors of their dreams and pull out all of the stops for their guests. When you have less guests you can spend money on things that really matter to you, such as that designer wedding dress you always wanted, an awesome jazz band or performer, a 5-star gourmet meal, food truck or that honeymoon trip you’ve always dreamed of. You can have a luxurious small wedding and still save money!

    5. You can get creative with your venue options. When you choose to have a smaller guest list, you can get more creative with venue options like beautiful air bnb’s, museums, art galleries, and restaurants. You can check out to find ideas for small wedding venues.

    6. You can customize. You can truly have your wedding be a reflection of you and your partner and have the most beautiful and unique wedding that symbolizes your love for one another.

    7. You get to spend time with your guests. Having a smaller wedding automatically allows you to spend time with your guests. Take this example to really consider having a small wedding. When I got married, I had over 180 guests. The only time I spoke to my husband was during our husband and wife portraits and a brief moment eating. Then we were off trying to engage with every one of our guests. It was emotionally and physically draining. Next time around (vow renewal stage) I will have an Intimate wedding like I originally had planned for my wedding to be.

    8. Your guests will feel more relaxed. Your guests will feel more at ease and at home as you are able to spend more quality time with them which allows for everyone including you and your partner to relax.

    9. DIY projects are more manageable. Its easier to take on a DIY project with a smaller wedding as 75 handmade favors are a lot easier than 300.

    10. Your wedding will leave an impression. Because your wedding wont be the typical “whats expected wedding” that your guests are use to attending. Your wedding will be one to remember.

    11. You can work with a shorter time-line. With less guests and details to fulfill, you’ll have the option to shed things off your timeline. If you want to be married within a shorter period of time, having a smaller wedding can more than likely be pulled off rather quickly.

    12. You will spare feelings. With a small wedding, you more than likely will have an easier time telling people who aren’t invited, whereas large weddings its harder to tell people why they aren’t invited. Saves so much unnecessary stress for both you and your guests.

    13. You can have an amazing honeymoon. My husband and I enjoyed two beautiful long weeks in Bali Indonesia, living like royalty. We didn’t regret it! If I could spend my money on anything, it would be to travel the world and live like a Queen, while doing it.

    14. You can leave the option open for a destination wedding. Whether your dream is to get married in Puerto Rico or elope to City Hall, you will be able to have that option with a smaller guest list.

    15.  You can steal some time with your spouse on your Big Day. You get to take a step back on your wedding day and fully be present. This is not something many couples get to do on their wedding day because of stress and obligatory conversations and details.

    16. You wont have to make small talk with acquaintances. With a small wedding there is no pressure to include the old Facebook friends you haven’t talked to in years, the second cousin you didn’t get along with and the co-workers that you invited out of peer pressure.

    17. Your photographer will love you. Most photographers, including myself, LOVE photographing intimate weddings. I can focus on you and your partner and all of the special and most memorable moments then herding guests into group photos.

    18. It’s easier to be eco-friendly. There is a great amount of waste that comes with weddings. With fewer people, you’ll have less invitations to send out, less food, less favors and less waste all around. If you’re all about saving our environment, then a small intimate wedding may be right for you and your values and beliefs.

    19. You can cut loose. With your closets friends and family you will be able to let loose. Feel free to dance, play music you actually like and celebrate like you just got married to the love of your life.

    20. It’s a wedding, not a reunion. There’s no reason to pay $100 per person for dinner to rekindle old friendships. It may seem like a good idea when you’re planning your wedding, but having your family and friends who know you and your relationship and respect your marriage, are all that truly matters to help nurture your forever marriage.

If a small intimate/micro wedding sounds like something you’d like, then I ‘d love to chat with you. If you rather have a big wedding like I did, we still may be meant to be. I take on a  select number of larger weddings every year.



To Book your Wedding Photography Consultation with me and to find out if I am available on your date, click here. I can’t wait to meet you!


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