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Kaliela Osha, Los Angeles Brand Photoshoot For Brillie Founder

Kaliela Osha, started Brillie because she believes that we all need and deserve a safe, open, and inclusive space where women across industries and roles can have tough conversations, celebrate all of the messiness and imperfections, and learn from each other. Where we can support and empower each other in chasing after the futures that we dream of, and where we can challenge the status quo.

Brillie is democratizing access to professional support for women to maximize their leadership potential & opportunities earlier in their careers. They are building a technology-enabled community to enable real-time connections, mentorship, and education for professional women across industries, roles, and experience levels.

By becoming Brillie members, women can access an extensive and diverse community of professional women, professional coaching and mentorship from industry experts and leaders, and networking events. They can become active participants of the Brillie movement to create gender equality in the workplace, because no one should feel like being a woman is a weakness or something they need to overcome.

Brillie specifically targeting women earlier in their careers, across industries and roles, to build upon their professional and leadership skills. They are targeting this population because of the data out there showing that we can’t fix the gender gap at the executive level until we fix the ‘first broken rung’ which is the first promotion from entry level to manager. Right now, only 87 women are promoted for every 100 men which results in fewer and fewer women being able to be promoted to the next level, as they start to face more and more headwinds.

Kaliela decided to do a branding session because she wanted to be able to add a face and personality to her business so that people can feel more connected and trustful.

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