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Heathir Brown, Los Angeles Brand Photoshoot For A Intuitive Healer

Heathir Brown is an Intuitive Healer based in Los Angeles. Heathir has taken many classes since beginning her journey, deepening her own intuitive ability to help clients. She has studied Craniosacral Therapy and Somatoemotional Release with the Upledger Institute. She has completed her training as an Usui Reiki Master, as well as learning traditional womb healing techniques.

Most recently she has been studying the pillars of mindfulness with the Meditate School of Mindfulness. She taps into all of these things and more as she creates her programs, and courses, and facilitates healing sessions.

She brings powerful transformation through healing and coaching services that meet your unique needs. Heathir helps women release what holds them back, tap into intuition, and ignite their inner spark so that they can light up the world!

Heathir’s clients often have had doctors who told them “nothing is wrong” or simply treated the symptoms ignoring the cause. Instead, she helps her clients uncover the root issue and facilitate transformational healing.

This holistic approach allows for healing no matter how profound or ancient the wound.

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