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Diana Pointer, Los Angeles Brand Photoshoot For Pointer Organizing, LLC Founder

Diana Pointer is an Entrepreneur, Business Coach, and project manager. Her goal is to help entrepreneurs develop winning operational strategies to maintain and grow their business.

After a full career facilitating large contracts,  billion-dollar budgets, leading top-notch team members, and managing exciting projects, and leading large corporate event teams,  She decided to hone these skills and knowledge base into her passion for working directly with change makers in need of assistance.

Hence, the creation of my business, Pointer Organizing, LLC,  to help guide entrepreneurs and CEOs by taking their businesses to the next level with expert confidence.

Through this company, you’ll find resources for productivity and their website, to grow and streamline your business.  

Contact them about your business operations challenges and how She can help you meet your organizational goals!

Diana Pointer

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