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Sandy Perez, Los Angeles Brand Photoshoot For A Esthetician

Sandy is a licensed Esthetician specializing in waxing and micro blading. Sandy recently went into business for herself in 2020 and said goo-bye working for other people’s salons. Sandy now works for herself in her beautiful salon nestled in the Burbank Mall. She is such a breath. of fresh air and has this amazing aura to be around.

Sandy needed images of herself to help women identify with her and show them just how amazing she is at what she does and how she helps women feel sexy AF! Haha.

We also worked together on her brand and social media strategy, set realistic expectations on how much she would post on social media, what content to post to better engage and convert clients in email marketing and social media. Now she has beautiful images and a game plan to grow her brand business.

As a Los Angeles Brand Photographer, I help women show up confidently in photos to grow their brand and business online.

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