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Reshape the nation is a movement of individuals working to house the most vulnerable folks in our nation while creating wealth through real estate and entrepreneurship. Advocacy through influencing national policy is also a priority of the movement. There is space in this movement for all community stakeholders who are willing to contribute their gifts to improve housing, wealth creation and […]

Tania Scott is a writer in the Christian Living genre of books. She also speak to churches promoting her upcoming book: Marriage Glue: Sticking to your vows ~ Even when it hurts. The purpose of her book is to help give unhappy Christian wives another (more strategic and positive) perspective about their marriage situation, and […]

Marie, is a Mindset and Accountability Coach. She empowers creatives and female entrepreneurs to overcome self-doubt by changing the way they think and how they show up for themselves and their businesses. Marie also help driven creatives get UNSTUCK with mindset work + accountability so they can build the life of their dreams without burnout! 1. […]

When it comes to building a successful and sustainable business, we have to make powerful decisions to continue to grow, scale and become the woman we want to be. So how do we increase our chances at success? We understand that we have to make million dollar decisions at every moment throughout our day. And […]

Diana Pointer, helps business coaches & consultants plan amazing meetings & events. As the Owner of Pointer Organizing LLC, Diana Pointer Events provides business owners and entrepreneurs with meeting & event planning solutions to free up their time to conduct effective meetings, showcase services, and celebrate events. Diana provides administrative, meeting & event strategy, and […]

Are you looking for beautiful props to elevate the location you booked for your photoshoot? Or maybe you want to bring your own personal style into the space you have booked for your photoshoot? If your style is anything like or similar to mine, here are my favorite affordable home and office decor items you […]

Madison Rolley made the decision to step away from her career in marketing software to pursue her passion for helping businesses grow in a digital world by founding Rolley Digital.  Her passion for digital marketing began in 2011 through helping her family open their candy store in Flagstaff, Arizona. She started their first social channels, […]

Kisha Sardin is a full-time Real Estate Professional in Los Angeles and surrounding counties specializing in residential real estate. She dreamed of living in a single family home as a child so now as an adult I have a passion for assisting others who like herself at one point yearn to own a home of […]

1. Tell us a little more about your business and what you do.  I’m a Homeownership Expert, I help people looking to buy, sell, or invest in Real Estate. I assist people with finding great lenders that can help them refinance, or get pre-approved to purchase a home. I also run comparable sales information for clients to […]

Nikki DuBose is an American model and the founder of Live ED Free, an EDIT™Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching Service specializing in helping fashion models and women ages 18 years and older. She is a Psy.D. student in Clinical Psychology at Meridian University and holds a B.A. in psychology from California Southern University with honors. She received her […]

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