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Are you making broke decisions? Here’s how to go from broke decisions to million dollar decisions.

When it comes to building a successful and sustainable business, we have to make powerful decisions to continue to grow, scale and become the woman we want to be. So how do we increase our chances at success? We understand that we have to make million dollar decisions at every moment throughout our day. And it starts with small, yet impactful decisions that begin with routines we create in the morning, what we choose to feed our mind, body and spirit and how we decide to spend our time and who we spend it with.

So, what is a broke decision vs. a million dollar decision?

A Broke decision is any decision that steals your money or steals your time, energy, peace, joy, or power, and therefore, blocks you from becoming wealthy. Eliminates options vs creating them. 

A Million Dollar decision is any decision that brings you more money, and/or more time, energy, peace, joy, and power (Rachel Rodgers).   

So, what million dollar decisions will you begin to make today to get you to the success and woman you want to be tomorrow?

In order to grow my business to six figures and be on a mission to scale to seven figures, I have to constantly change my broke mindset decisions. From doing everything and all the tasks in my business to hiring a virtual assistant from the Phillipines who has helped rank #1 on google and book $10K clients to helping organize my client communications and customer service. Instead of watching my crime shows, which I love, I’ve had to instead decide to get ahead of editing clients shoots and working on my online sales course I will be launching in Quarter 2 of 2022.

There have been several other decisions I have had to adjust and continue to adjust to become the million dollar version of Brittney who will own a multi-million dollar business.

So let’s take a look at some examples of broke decisions you may be making in your own life and how to start making million dollar decisions now!

Broke Decision: Walking the dog yourself, every day and night even though you hate it. 

Million Dollar Decision: Hiring a dog walker or delegate to a family member.  

Broke Decision: You find yourself at the mechanic for a third time this year because your car breaks down. 

Million Dollar Decision: You head to the dealer and trade-in your car because time is money.  

Broke Decision: You make dinner every night for your family even though you work hard just like everyone else. 

Million Dollar Decision: You make dinner twice a week and let your husband and kids make dinner the remaining nights.  

Broke Decision: Your childhood trauma is getting in the way of your happiness, but you think you can’t afford therapy. 

Million Dollar Decision: You understand your mental health is essential to your wellbeing and wealth and find a therapist that offers a sliding scale and find books about overcoming childhood trauma.  

Broke Decision: You don’t want to hire help in your business so You spend 20 hours per week doing admin work. 

Million Dollar Decision: You recognize the value of your work so you hire a part-time assistant for 20hrs per week and spend your freed-up time acquiring more clients and making more money. 

While million dollar decisions can lead you to spending more money on outsourcing tasks, or hiring more help in your personal life or business, this is not advice to go into debt by any means. You can simply begin to make million dollar decisions by choosing to read a book instead of watching trash tv or walk on the beach instead of sitting all day.

What million dollar decisions can you begin making today, this week, or this month to free up your time, or energy, to help you accumulate more wealth for yourself, your family, and your community? 

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